Filipe Quirino


My "Why"

Born in the warm waters of Paraiba, Brazil and raised in sunny South Florida, the ocean is part of my daily life. My career at sea began scuba diving South Florida and the Bahamas back in 2005 when I became a master diver, guiding clients underwater and quickly working my way up to captain.

My passion for yachts grew with every boat show, and I eventually made the jump from commercial dive boats to luxury yachts. Now the owner of a yacht management company, my passion has turned to new horizons. Joining the family at YachtCreators feels like the perfect platform to help boaters looking to turn their dreams into reality.

My Journey


For the last 15+ years, my life has been spent under, above or near the water. From diving shipwrecks and reefs, exploring caves in North Florida springs, or navigating the breathtaking islands of the Bahamas, every day is a new and exciting experience. My passion for meeting new people and places feeds this excitement, and every opportunity to share new destinations with my clients brings not only joy to my life but also revives the memories of my first dives and crossings.