It’s a New World on the Waterways

May 15, 2020

We can all agree, boating is one of the safest outdoor activities available during this crisis. This summer, if you and your family have plans to go boating, first ask yourself, “Is my boat covid-19 ready?” 

We love boating as well. So to do our part, YachtCreators recently teamed-up with local covid-19 cleaning specialists Baxter Restoration, to devise these three simple steps on safe boating practices for us and for you and your family.

Simply put, it comes down to Prevention, being Proactive and Reactive.

Step 1: Prevention 

Baxter Restoration specializes in biohazard cleanups. Here are their recommendations on how to properly sanitize a yacht from covid-19:

Popular cleaning products such as Lysol and Windex can be used. However, many people are allergic and/or dislike the odors these products emit. Baxter recommends instead Bioesque, an all-botanical natural solution that kills the covid-19 virus within 60 seconds of application.

Due to its all-natural ingredients, Bioesque is pet- and child-friendly. And, it’s 100% safe to spray on silverware, plates and glassware.

YachtCreators also reached-out to our friends at Underway Marine Services (UMS), a leading yacht management firm here in S. Florida. UMS gladly shared these precautions for safely using your boat: 

  1. Check guests’ temperatures prior to boarding
  2. Sanitize all passengers’ hands
  3. Sanitize all their belongings as well 

The same steps should be used for anyone coming onboard to perform maintenance work. Underway Marine also suggests maintaining a Check-in/out Sheet, for you to keep track of everyone that’s been on the yacht, including crew. 

Speaking of crew, UMS suggests all crew wear face masks while onboard. Planning a trip? UMS suggests asking your crew to perform a thorough wipedown of your yacht with disinfectants before you and your family boards. 

Step 2: Be Proactive

Boating, especially in the ocean, is social distancing at its finest. That said, there are still dangers involved, and ways to protect you and yours underway. 

YachtCreators suggests keeping hand sanitizer in multiple locations onboard your boat. For example, one in the aft deck, one next to the main entryway, one in the galley, and so forth. 

If you have crew, we suggest assigning them to safety zones. For instance, one crew member could be assigned to the galley. He or she becomes the only person allowed to handle food & beverages. If you don’t have crew, we then suggest sanitizing your hands before touching anything in the galley. And, to wash your hands regularly throughout the day.

YachtCreators strongly suggests keeping physical contact of any sort to a minimum. For the time being, less hugs and high-fives … and more elbow bumps! 

Step 3: Be Reactive

And finally, when the boat trip comes to an end, you and your guest should sanitize hands again, prior to disembarking. Politely check guests’ temperatures and make note of which on the Check-in/out Sheet  (see Step 1). Keep in contact with all guests for two (2) weeks following their departure to ensure no one is developing symptoms.

If  there’s a suspected case of covid-19, call the experts at Baxter Restoration!

Baxter will perform a thorough boat cleaning, wiping down and disinfecting every surface from top to bottom. For proper disinfecting, Baxter uses Bioesque fogging, which not only cleans surfaces, but also the ceilings, vents and the air inside the boat … thus killing the virus completely.


Thanks to the following contributors for making this possible:

LeVen Yachts

Special thanks for providing us with the amazing venue, the LeVen 90. The Ultimates Exumas Superyacht, and voted Best New Series at the 2020 Boat International Design & Innovation Awards. 

Baxter Restoration

With over 40 combined years of restoration experience, the Baxter Restoration team includes certified general contractors, water restoration technicians, inventory specialists and applied microbial remediation technicians. Baxter Restoration provides round the clock emergency response.

Underway Marine Services (UMS)

UMS is a professional yacht management service conveniently located in Aventura, FL. Whether you’re getting ready to cruise S. Florida, need your yacht delivered, or are daydreaming of a trip to an exotic destination, UMS takes care of all your yachting needs from A to Z. 


Summer can still be an enjoyable time for you and your family, even with this crisis. If you love boating like we do, and want to take the family out for a cruise … go boating! Just remember, it’s a new world on the waterways. … follow the 3 steps (Prevention, Proactive and Reactive). 

If you’re looking for a boat to purchase or charter this summer, contact YachtCreators and we’ll gladly help you find the boat of your dreams.