Have you ever thought about painting your boat?

March 5, 2019

Walking around boat shows and marinas I am usually struck, and a little saddened, by the endless seas of white boats blending into one big boat mass. It seems like such a waste to not use all those ‘white canvasses’ for personalizing your boat! One marina manager I spoke to recently even lamented he wished people would paint their boats, as he felt bad for his dockhands with all the radiating white surfaces.

Today there are so many great paint options and colors available, and as a cheaper alternative to paint you can now also get color wraps, even for large yachts. We have now gone through the process twice, and could not be happier. It is a very exciting experience, picking out the color, seeing the boat go through the process, waiting with great anticipation and butterflies in your stomach for the great reveal, and then seeing the actual outcome, it is almost like getting a new boat!

For our first paint job on our previous boat we picked Awlgrip’s Bahama Blue. It was such a striking, sunny and happy color. People would come up to see her and loved her because she stood out from the crowd. With our current boat the question of color came up again. She was delivered in white, and we wanted to paint her Bahama Blue again. While we still loved the color, seeing her in that color was a little like looking at our previous boat. So we decided to keep innovating, and change up the color again. This time we picked Awlgrip’s Island Turquoise, another happy and sunny Florida and Islands color. It was exciting: the yard had never painted this color before, and we had only seen a sample the size of the chip on the color chart! We were so happy seeing the result for the first time, and even still in the shed she was so striking that all the yard employees came over to admire her and take pictures.

We are looking forward to seeing our “new” boat on the water soon and see how the color changes with different shades of light and water reflections. Meanwhile however, serendipity would have it that two of the most beautiful turquoise superyachts were visiting South Florida the same week of our “reveal”, so plenty of eye candy to hold us over. If you see us on the water, be sure to come and say Hi!


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