Got Toys ?

February 26, 2020

As if being on a boat isn’t already fun enough!

With Spring just around the corner, now might be a good time to take stock of your current “toy chest” on board, and perhaps add some new ones! There is no shortage of boat and water toys, for all boat sizes and budgets.

Let’s start with some lazy options. Who doesn’t like to just float around on the water, perhaps with a nice cool beverage in hand? Using a light nylon line (they float) to tie you to the boat, you can just close your eyes and bob round. There are so many options, from all kinds of inflatable lilos, rings and other shapes (all kinds of fruit, pizza, pretzels, flip-flops, you name it), to large inflatable Flamingos, Parrots and Unicorns. Lazy Bunz are also great floatable devices to hang out in the water on. Inflatable ‘lounge sets’ are fun to be enjoyed with friends, and inflatable pads/mats and even inflatable docks greatly extend the space available ‘on’ your boat. They can also be great in preparing, inflating, docking and tying up other toys.

Depending on the size of your boat, or your tender, towables can also be a fun activity for kids and adults alike. These include floatable tubes, rafts, and “banana boats.” If your towing boat has sufficient speed and power you can also tow wake boards and water skis.

There are also great toy options for those seeking a little more physical activity, such as stand-up paddle and pedal boards and kayaks, which you can also get as inflatables, allowing them to be stored away in a bag or roller bag for convenience. A slightly larger inflatable option is the inflatable sailing dinghy by Tiwal (that can be packed away in two bags), providing a great sailing dinghy you could launch from the back of your boat (or added inflatable dock). These are so much fun and allow you to explore in silence. Kite surfing is also a fun non-motorized option for some physical activity off the main boat.

Under water exploration has traditionally been enjoyed though snorkeling and diving, usually part of the toy treasure troves on board. But more recently other options have been added with the advent of Sea Bobs and Underwater Scooters. Jet skis have of course been around for a long time, and can be a lot of fun if used safely (PLEASE, no speeding through anchorages!!!). More recently a whole new range of toys have been added to the motorized options, notably with flyboards, and foilerboards, hydrofoil boards, electric surfboards, and even a “dolphin power boat”.

Additional ideas for nice toys to have on board include some fun beach chairs which you can set up on the swim platform / beach club, especially when it can be lowered into the water, allowing you to lounge on the back of the boat with your feet in the water. A drone is fun to explore the water and land around you, and to document your trip and water fun activities. Foldable bikes are excellent to go explore on land, visit towns and villages, go to the market or stores, or just get some exercise off the boat. For bigger boats (though no longer necessarily superyachts), inflatable slides and inflatable rock climbing walls that are mounted to the side of the boat, inflatable trampolines, as well as inflatable sea pools, have become very popular. Finally, the manufacturers of small submarines, such as Triton and U-Boat Worx, currently only carried by the larger superyachts, are working on smaller versions, aiming for the size of a jet ski, that ‘smaller’ yachts will also be able to add to their toy collection.

In sum, there is no shortage of toy options for any budget. Which toy are you adding to your collection?

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