Barin Cárdenas


My "Why"

20 years in this industry and I’m still learning something new everyday. My career has taken me to shipyards and cultures all over the world – USA, Taiwan, Italy, China, Croatia, Germany, France, and The Netherlands. Over 50+ builds and about half of them have been hull #1’s! The projects have been equally varied – sportfish boats, long-range trawlers, high speed motoryachts, catamarans, superyachts…even an all-electric tender that broke a world speed record!


Yes, my projects picked up some decent recognition along the way, but most of all, I gained invaluable experience, and irreplaceable relationships with shipyards, designers, surveyors…and my dear clients.

With my third decade looming, I decided to fully commit to my passion and carve a specific path within the industry. I’m taking all my experience and combining it with super teams to deliver bespoke build experiences. My team’s vision is that the creation and build process should be as magical as the yacht itself. Let’s make some magic together…


Memorable Creations


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